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About The Instructor
Elizabeth is an intuitive, empath, Reiki Master and vocal sound healer. She studied classical music and practiced as professional vocalist in major opera houses across the country as well as taught private voice lessons for over 15 years.  Elizabeth began to receive message from Spirit a few years ago and began to channel them into her heali

Humming The Universe

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Chakra Vocal Sound Healing

In this course you will... Discover a way to improve your physical and emotional health with the zero negative side effects.  Learn how to relax and improve mood with a simple and easy technique you can take anywhere.  Master a powerful energy healing technique you can use on yourself and teach to others to gain a deeper understanding on what is blocks an abundance of health and joy.  Chakra vocal sound healing is a powerful energy healing technique that allows you to quickly locate and clear abundance blocks in your Chakras. Chakra Vocal Sound Healing is an effective way to increase energy, alleviate stress and get real solutions to problematic life issues. It is also a very powerful way to develop your intuitive and psychic skill set. In addition students will learn how to begin to channel healing energy through their voice for continued healing. They will learn how to fuse prana breathing and vocal sounding to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically. 
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Root Chakra Dance Meditation & Chant

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Chakra Vocal Sound Healing Meditation

What is so special about this track? It is infused by the angelic realm with Master Builder energy. After we finished recording we were notified the angels had attuned it to the 222 frequency. We were amazed as this was a surprise to us. Our intuition was confirmed when the downloadable file read 22.2 MB with zero effort to make it so on our part. It's what I call divine intervention.  222 is the Master Builder Number. When you tone to this track  it will align your energy to... Maintain perfect balance, alleviate mood swings, stay in a positive uplifted emotional and mental state.  Attract auspicious and abundance opportunities.  Build a strong foundation where you place your intention. Are you intending to grow your income, business or professional life? This track is a phenomenal tool to use. Simply set the attention of what you would like to attract and tone your chakras. You will weave the energy into your etheric body and begin to attract your desire effortlessly!  If you like this track, you will love my  Chakra Vocal Sound Healing Mini-Course which is now on sale! 
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